Welcome to Byler's Kiln Drying.

Welcome to Byler’s Kiln Drying.

Unique Kiln Dried Wood for the Most Specialized Applications. . . With the idea that hobbyists and woodworkers needed a source for specialty wood, Byler’s Kiln Drying, located in Middlefield, Ohio, was started in 2000. Wood workers and carpenters needed to have access to more varieties of wood than are commonly offered at the local commercial lumber yard. With over fifteen varieties of wood offered, Byler’s Kiln Drying specializes in locally harvested wood species and rare figured woods. With an eye on always meeting the customer’s needs, only wood grown within one hundred miles of Byler’s Kiln Drying makes the cut. Locally grown wood is regularly delivered and goes through a special process to prepare it for your use. Seasoning outdoors for up to two months, plus up to another thirty days in a dehumidifying kiln, provides exactly the right moisture level for indoor applications such as cabinet making, flooring, paneling, trim, carving and even musical instruments.
Locally grown, premium wood perfect for tables and furniture to hobbies and woodcraft.

Our kilns are designed to ensure an even drying process. With pieces ranging from 15/16” to 4” in thickness, 4”-20” in width, and 3′-16′ in length, we have a wide variety of sizes for you to consider for whatever your project needs may be.

The best part is that when you come to visit us, you’ll be able to touch and see every piece of wood in stock. It is arranged in vertical bins to allow easy access. Our friendly team will be available to help you select and load your lumber, making the wood purchasing experience simple and easy.

Give us a call today to get directions and to hear what is in stock, or feel free to drive out and visit.

Our hours of operation are:

• Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm

• For Saturday hours call on Friday

We invite you to come out and physically touch and see the difference in our highest-quality woods.